About Fun Soy

We at Fun Soy are dedicated to delivering unique Asian taste sensations, that are both delicious and conducive to maintaining a healthy diet.

In case you were wondering, the logo - 味! - is Japanese for 'flavour' and is pronounced “Aji!” (ahh-gee!). Excellent flavour, and a clean innovative food experience are our goal.

Our products are made in the UK from natural ingredients, and contain no added sugar. Ingredients include fermented lower sodium soy sauce, truffle extracts from Wiltshire and Shropshire, cold pressed lemongrass, and freshly ground smoked Jalapeño chillies.

Fun Soy sauces add an exciting new twist to traditional Asian dishes such as sushi, sashimi, rice, noodles, and stir-fry. They also work extremely well as a base for all manner of dressings and marinades. And they are ideal to experiment with more unusual pairings, such as on popcorn or even to liven up a dessert.

Sauté your vegetables with Fun Soy Lemongrass for a tangy, citrus-savoury kick.

For a spicy-smoky marinade, try Fun Soy Chipotle...and you’d be amazed what a few drops will do for a Bloody Mary!

And our first ever flavour, Fun Soy Truffle, adds a taste of luxurious indulgence and makes just about anything moreish.

Please enjoy Fun Soy! And keep an eye out for new flavours coming soon...